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3 New Designs You'll Wanna Wear This July

The drop you’ve all been waiting for has finally landed. The brand new ‘Goose & Multi Gander’ logo is here and not to toot our own horn - it’s pretty sick. It’s one big mix of fonts, colours, print and embroidery.
GG Multi Logo
We recently asked you guys on our Instagram, what colour-ways you’d like to see and ‘sand/blue’ won by a milestone. That’s now available to buy on our website but keep your eyes peeled because we’re working on producing more colour-ways for you. Leave a comment in the section below if there are any colours you’d like to see.Multi Logo & Ltd Patch
Last but not least, we’ve introduced a new Yin & Goose logo. Inspired by.. You guessed it.. Yin & Yang. This currently comes in a long and short sleeved tee (our favourite is the short sleeved because the embroidery looks so damn good!).
Yin & Yang

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