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What is Goose & Gander?


Maz & Olly have known each other since primary school & both found themselves unhappy in their jobs/education. Maz was working in retail & Olly had just finished college pending a place at university.

But starting a business was what Olly really wanted to do & Maz wanted to join him. So with no business idea they decided to rent a small shop within their local high street, leaving their current jobs and future plans behind.


With no experience in fashion, G&G was born. They began learning about printing, embroidery & the fashion trade through a lot of trial & error & many Google searches.

But it wasn't enough to pay the bills & they found themselves in debt with next to no cash flow. So began embroidering & printing for other companies, accepting more commercial jobs in order to keep the business afloat.


In 2016, the Lino tee (shot on Olly's sister) began bringing in £2k per month after being featured on ASOS Marketplace.

Making Olly & Maz realise the benefits of being an ASOS MP Boutique. They invested in photography equipment & re-shot & uploaded their products. It wasn't long before orders increased & word was getting round about Goose & Gander.


By September 2017, the team had grown to 7 & the commercial jobs were dropped to focus on building the brand as an independent business.

With orders flying in, space was limited. The shop was now home to industrial embroidery machines, printing equipment, sewing machines, stock & packaging stations.

Sometimes the first person would start work at 5:30am & the last finish at 2am. Due to the small space & team, orders were taking 4-6 weeks to be sent out - customer service was being handled by phone, delivery addresses were being entered manually & orders were being hand delivered to the post office by suitcase.


A year later, G & G upgraded to a workspace of 5300 sq ft - 4 times the size of their previous space. They invested everything back into the business by upgrading their production machinery & hiring more staff. 

The G&G team carries on growing & business carries on increasing. Although still in a period of learning the ins & outs of success, the brand & team continue their amazing journey.

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