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Behind The Scenes // Shoot Day!

Shoot days are a regular occurrence at G&G HQ (good because they’re hella fun). We have our own little in-house studio so it’s really easy to just pick up the camera and shoot whenever we want.

It’s great for when we want to get products out asap as it allows us to create, snap, edit and upload products within 5 days. Read more about our production processes >here<.

A shoot can only begin when our model has arrived and clothes have been picked and steamed. Co-founder Maz is head of all things photography and post-production. She does all the shooting and editing herself - having took a photography course earlier this year. This gives us full control over our ideas and image outcomes.

Our models vary, we’ve had siblings, best friends and professional models work with us. Our shoots are very chill so we can take our time to get the best shots. After each image is taken, it appears on screen so we can view it in better quality.

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