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Botanical Gardens


A lot goes into our shoots at G&G. They are really important to us as we get to show our customers our items in a unique and interesting way. Budgets, models, content, styling are just a few things involved in the preparation.

 We caught up with our freelance film maker, Luke Ripley. Luke shot the video featured on our social media set in the botanical gardens of Bristol. There was a timeframe of two hours to complete the filming and it took Luke four days to complete the editing, take 15 second pull outs and other content to feature on our social medias.

 The process before the filming involves numerous meetings to cement every detail of the shoot. With Maz and Olly, Luke helped to find models, design mood boards, come up with a timetable/plan of the day and create call sheets to give to the crew and models.

Luke told us:

‘I think the shoot was really successful as we got lots of different content. Before the shoot I knew I wanted to capture a variety of formats. This enabled me to get playful in the edit and try out different techniques, creating something fun and eye catching.’


Check out the video on our Instagram and Facebook. The hard work paid off!

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