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Designed & Decorated in the UK

The team @ Goose & Gander design & create everything in-house. This makes our brand unique & different from other clothing companies.

It allows us to ensure that our designs & garms are consistently excellent & that there is zero waste.

A typical day in production @ G&G involves the team being split into separate categories to ensure a smooth & well-run process.

When the orders come in the first thing we do is pick the garms & put them in to boxes according to what design they have. These boxes then go downstairs and the team work their magic!

We love being creative and creating new designs so all our products are made to order. This allows us to have a range of designs without stock availability limitations.

There are various design production processes - embroidery, domestic sewing, DTG printing & vinyl.

On top of the design production, the team also do the labelling, tagging, steaming, folding & packaging!

As the garms go through these stages our team check for any faults. If garms are faulty, eg. there’s a small mark, they go on to our Depop at a discounted rate. The team ensure our customers are getting the best quality G&G!

Alongside our production team, we also have an in-house creative team & customer services team. They are in charge of the customer enquiries, social medias, the emails, blogs & designs.

Here @ G&G we put every effort into ensuring our customers recieve good quality garms, feel comfortable & look great.

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