Meet our team - Katie, Production Supervisor

Katie is our Production Supervisor where she oversees all aspects of production but always gets stuck in when her help is needed. Have you had any orders made by Katie?

How did you first learn about G&G?

I went to Nibley Festival in 2016 and saw their stall there, I ended up buying a baby blue Lino Sweat.

What does your job entail?

As Production Supervisor I am proud to support the team in creating your orders and getting them to you.

My normal day varies in different ways I could be decorating your garments, training up new members of staff, ordering stock in or just generally overseeing the production of your orders to make sure that you get them as quickly as possible.

What’s your favourite part about the job and working for G&G?

I love working for Goose & Gander because it feels like you are part of one big family, everyone is lovely and there is such a positive atmosphere.

My favourite part of my working day is seeing all of your orders packaged up in the big red Yorks and ready to be taken by Royal Mail.

Katie on her birthday at the beach

At her CrossFit gym 💪

What advice do you have for prospective G&G candidates?

One thing to make sure of is that you are up for is a fast paced day. It is always busy in the unit and there are always more orders to do so be prepared to be kept on your toes, in more ways than one.

Another thing to make sure of is that you are not nervous about joining the shift, everyone is very friendly and will make you feel like part of the team straight away.

What drew you to G&G and how has it changed since?

Initially I wanted a change in careers I went from coaching functional fitness classes to joining Goose and Gander as a Production Assistant. I wanted some more creativity in my day, so I had an interview and ended up loving the atmosphere and vibe that the team gave off. When I joined I was on a completely new shift so I was able to see the team grow, it went from just me and Olly to a full shift and as the team got bigger I became a Production Supervisor.

What are your 3 favourite garms from G&G?

It has to be the red 1/4 Zip Micro Patch Fleece over sized in a XL, because this is perfect for keeping me warm after the lake, the black Simple Tee and the ash Signature Sweat.

Katie and her sister Annabel going for a cold water swim 🥶

Katie and her boyf Alastair ready to get in the sea

What do you get up to outside of work?

I’m a member of a CrossFit gym and I train 3-5 times a week. I love that CrossFit is physically hard but also mentally challenging.

What are you currently obsessed with?

I’m obsessed with cold water swimming at the moment, I’ve been doing it in Clevedon lake. The coldest I’ve swam in my swimming costume is 1.9°. I’m currently building up my time, I’ve managed to get to 16 minutes at around 6°, I’m hoping to get get in at below 1° at some point this year.

What was the last thing you bought?

I’ve just bought a new white stone clay for ceramics. I really enjoy making pottery on the wheel as I find it very relaxing. I’ve been learning how to make bowls and vases, I love creating different textures on the clay and then seeing the colour of the glaze once it’s been fired.