2020 Milestones

2020 Milestones

It's been a wild year hasn't it? We'd like to take a little time to appreciate the little things and milestones we've achieved this year - that without you guys, wouldn't be possible.

Production Efficiency

This year we’ve really been focusing on getting our production systems organised and efficient.

  • We trained all our staff how to embroider, sew, print and ship orders so they they can create an entire order.
  • We introduced a new stock system to track all our stock.
  • Plus, we introduced 2 shift patterns a day meaning we could employ more staff.


Since January our Instagram following has doubled! Thanks to everyone who joined our community this year and to our OG’s.

Private Parts Podcast

In February, Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle gave us a shoutout on their Private Parts Podcast!

New App

In March, we launched our new app which now has over 20,000 downloads.

NHS Goodie Bags

In July, We sent out G&G goodie bags to NHS staff workers around the country, to say thanks for everything they had done for us this year.

Charity Donation

In November, we had our best ever month regarding sales which meant we raised £10,000 for the mental health charity OTR (thanks to all your Black Friday purchases). We also donated warm clothes like hats, fleeces and joggers to a local homeless charity in Bristol.

Tie Dye Collection

We also tried something new and released our tie dye collection. It involved a lot of dye in the car park, bundles of washing and a whole lot of air drying! We hand dyed over 150 garments.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us. Although we've faced some tricky times this year, we've managed to keep going and persevere. We can't thank our community enough for all the support. We hope 2021 brings you health, happiness and good times!

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