3 Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

3 Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

3 Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

There are a range of different ways to measure your ring size. Some more accurate than others and some you can do with tools lying around the house.

1. Paper And A Ruler

Use a thin piece of paper (string will also work) and wrap it around your finger, marking with a pen where the paper meets. Grab a ruler and measure in millimetres how long your piece of paper is from where it starts to the mark you made. Now using our chart, match your measurement to your ring size.

US Size UK Size Circumference


L ½



N ½



R ½



T ½



V ½


2. Ring Sizer

A ring sizer is the most accurate way of measuring your ring size (Amazon sell them dirt cheap). Simply slip it over your finger and adjust it to the size your finger feels most comfortable at and read off the letter/number and compare to our chart above.

3. True To Size

There are so many free apps out there that will help you find your ring size from the comfort of your sofa. They're easy to use and super straight forward.

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