5 Ways to Style an Oversized Tee

You can't go wrong with an oversized tee because there are so many ways to style them! We've put together our 5 favourite styles shown by our customers - so you can see how real people wear them.

1. Cycling shorts

Our oversized tees look great with a pair of cycling shorts - whether you like them patterned or plain, we have a tee to suit!

2. Knot crop

With extra fabric, our oversized tees also make a good tie up crop. Good for those days when you want to crop but don't want to commit with the scissors.

3. T-shirt dress

If cycling shorts aren't your thing - wear the tee as a mini t-shirt dress. Great for days at the beach!

4. Dungarees

Channel a 90's vibe with pairing our oversized tee with a dungarees or pinafore.

5. Extra layer

Layering up doesn't have to just be practical, it can look cool too. Use our oversized tees to add something extra to your outfit.