Safety First

Safety First

Putting Our Team First

On Saturday we decided to re open our website and we've been blown away by how much support you guys have shown us! But of course we are prioritising the safety of our team and have put in many different measures to keep the working environment clean and meet the government Covid-19 guidelines.

We have split the team in to two smaller groups that work on a shift basis. There are two shifts in the day and we make sure that there are only three households in one shift.

The G&G team now wear masks (made out of our scrap fabrics), gloves and keep 4 metres from each other at all times. We are also making sure every work surface is cleaned throughly once it's been used and the team are going for their lunch at separate times.

More so than ever, communication is so important. We have several WhatsApp group chats to ensure everybody is comfortable with the new working guidelines and so that everyone is just a message or phone call away for any questions, support etc.


The G&G team are doing everything they can to get your orders out to you quickly and safely but it is likely that delivery will take a little longer than usual. We really do appreciate your support and patience and we can't wait for things to go back to normal, thanks so much!

Extra Important Info:

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