Staff Styling

Staff Styling

We asked the Production Team to come in to work styling their fave G&G pieces! At G&G we all wear Goose and Gander as our uniform and we get to pick out our fave bits each month - the perks of working in a clothing company 😜 Here's what the team are loving at the moment, & if you fancy the look of anything, we've tagged the products in the descriptions 💕

Freya, Production Assistant 

Wearing Unisex Chunky Rainbow Tee

Grace, Production and HR Assistant

Wearing Unisex Goose Sweat

Katie, Shift Supervisor 

Wearing Unisex Signature Sweat

Sophie, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Rainbow Em Sweat 

Yasmin, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Goose Tee & Unisex Long Sleeve Roll Neck Tee

Hannah, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Outline Sweat

Hebe, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Goose Tee

Georgia, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Sepia Short Sleeve T-Shirt

William, Stock Assistant

Wearing Unisex LTD Logo Hood

Tom, Production Assistant 

Wearing Unisex Wicked Hood

Lia, Production Assistant 

Wearing Unisex GGLTD Sweat & Unisex Long Sleeve Roll Neck Tee

Sophie, Production Assistant 

Wearing Unisex Rainbow Tee

Lydia, Sewing Assistant

Wearing Unisex Goose Sweat

Ellie, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex Diamond Sweat

Issy, Production Assistant 

Wearing Unisex Full Zip Goose Hood & Cropped LTD Logo Sweat

Izzy, Production Assistant

Wearing Unisex LTD Patch Fleece & Unisex Pastel Lino Tee

Callam, Production Assistant, Leonie, Shift Supervisor, Lauren, Production Assistant

Callam wearing one of our super old Sunset Logo hoods that we don't sell anymore!

Leonie wearing Unisex LTD Logo Sweat

Lauren wearing Unisex Pastel Multi Lines Sweat

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