G&G Tie Dye

G&G Tie Dye

Get arty with your G&G

Fancy sprucing up your G&G? We've put together a guide on how to do some simple tie dye patterns with things you might have in the house!

Firstly, prep your dyes

We've found ways to make dyes using natural ingredients. There are lots of examples but these are some of the most popular ones:

Bare in mind that these natural ingredients will create softer and paler colours.

Follow this link for a step by step on how to complete the natural tie dye:

To make dye from black beans, soak them in lots of water overnight and then drain (that black water is the dye!).

Try bleach for a subtle pattern

Alternatively, you can use bleach for tie dye to create a more subtle pattern. Our Digital Marketing Assistant, Georgia, tried it at home.

You'll need:

Empty Washing Bowl

We recommend wearing gloves for this and an old bowl/bucket that won't be used for cooking. Georgia used an old washing up bowl.

T-Shirt in washing bowl

Pick your G&G garm! The bleach will come out differently on different colours but it's all an experiment!

Rubber bands and t-shirt in washing bowl

Grab some rubber bands to create your pattern.

Bleach, rubber bands and t-shirt in washing bowl

Use your normal household bleach!

1) Put your elastic bands on to your garm (see below for pattern ideas).

2) Pop your garm in to the bowl and start spraying the bleach on to it. You will need to drench it.

3) Leave for 15 minutes.

4) Put garm into the washing machine on a rinse.

5) Take your elastic bands off and dry your creation thoroughly.

You're done!! This is what Georgia's ended up like:

Tie dye hanging to dry

Check out our Tik Tok for a mini video!

Easy, popular tie dye patterns

Try out some of the easiest and best looking patterns:




We'd love to see your tie dye G&G creations!! Please tag us on Instagram and remember our Customer Pic of the Week Competition's theme is all things bright and colourful! We can't wait to see your pics, have fun getting creative :)

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