Designed and Decorated in the UK

At Goose and Gander, we design, decorate and distribute everything in-house. This means we can turn initial ideals in to real garms within days, giving us the freedom to create whatever we want, whenever we want!

Our Decorating Applications

Our HQ is full of different machines that we use to decorate our clothing, including industrial embroidery machines and heat presses.


Heat Transfer

DTG Printing


Our Journey to Sustainability

We're a made to order brand, which means we only start the decorating process once the other has been created - this ensures no clothing goes to waste. Sometimes clothing waste can't be helped, e.g. returned items or ones that don't pass quality control. With these, we put them into Mystery Box bundles where we sell them at a lower price. It's a win win, our customers are getting a great deal and we've cut even more waste. As well as flash Mystery Box sales, we also give a lot of our clothing to charities in need.

Recycle Scraps

Solar Panels

Cardboard Crusher

Recyclable Packaging

As a small business, we do the best we can when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint:

  • All our scrap fabric is recycled to create new surfaces for sports activities.
  • Our HQ is kitted out with solar panels which help run our embroidery machines.
  • We have installed a cardboard crusher which recycles all our delivery boxes.
  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable - made of kraft paper.