G&G's Shop Opening 🌈

Written by: Olivia Judge

Location: Bristol - the mall Cribbs Causeway, ground floor, M&S end.

In a remarkable journey from a shop assistant in a well-known jewellery shop to the bustling retail landscape of Cribbs Causeway, Maz, the visionary entrepreneur behind

Goose and Gander, has officially opened the doors to her brand-new store, marking a triumphant return to where it all began.
A decade ago, Maz embarked on her professional journey in Cribbs Causeway, working in a local jewellery shop. Fast forward to the present day, and Maz is the proud co-owner of Goose and Gander, a thriving unisex clothing brand that has just launched a shop in Cribbs causeway after captivating fashion enthusiasts across the country which continues to flourish every day.

At Goose and Gander, the dynamic partnership between Maz and her business
counterpart forms the backbone of the unisex clothing brand. While Maz brings her
creative flair and retail acumen to the forefront, her business partner diligently handles the back-end operations, ensuring seamless functionality behind the scenes.

The story of Goose and Gander took root when Maz decided to take a leap of faith,
leaving her job in a jewellery shop to set up a small store in Wotton-Under-Edge. This quaint location served as the birthplace of the now-iconic unisex clothing brand. As online orders began pouring in, the demand for Goose and Gander soared to new heights. The overwhelming success left Maz no option but to close the Wotton-Under-Edge store, redirecting her focus towards online retail. The brand's headquarters, now situated in Chipping Sodbury, became a hub of creativity and innovation for the next five years. The brand continued to thrive under Maz’s creative leadership.

The culmination of this journey brings us to the exciting present, where Maz has opened a Goose and Gander retail store in Cribbs Causeway. The store not only showcases the vibrant and diverse unisex clothing line but also narrates the brand's evolution—from the meticulous process of embroidery to the art of printing.
The opening of the Cribbs Causeway store has been met with enthusiastic responses from both locals and customers who travelled from afar to experience the unique charm of Goose and Gander. The sense of community that Goose and Gander have fostered is evident in the support from loyal customers who eagerly frequent the store.

Maz's path from her first job in a store in Cribbs Causeway to her time working in retail at a quaint store in Wotton Under Edge has culminated in a remarkable achievement – the successful launch of her own shop at Cribbs Causeway. Drawing on the skills honed during her time in the retail industry and the hands-on experience gained in the intimate retail setting in Wotton Under Edge, Maz has navigated the intricate world of embroidery, design and customer service to carve out her niche. The fusion of her expertise and the entrepreneurial spirit fostered through her previous roles has not only propelled her into a prominent role within the local retail landscape but has also allowed her to manifest her vision into a thriving business at the bustling Cribbs Causeway location. Maz's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, experience, and a passion for the creative industry.