Blue Hoodies

The Goose & Gander blue hoodie collection will have you feeling anything but blue.

Super soft and super stylish, you’ll easily find your new favourite hoodie here.
Unisex Full Zip Goose Hood
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Comfy blue hoodies — oversized, drawstring, or full zip

Featuring loads of chic and unique logos and designs from the G&G creative team (not to mention just as many beautiful shades of blue), our blue hoodie collection has something for you.

Shake the blues loose with a cosy blue hoodie from the Goose & Gander collection.

Pastel blue is a soft, understated colour that lifts up any look, and Goose & Gander unisex hoods are a subtle streetwear piece that goes great with joggers, both as a matching co-ord style or a bold contrasted look.

Want something a little more distinctive? Our unisex hoods also come in a bold navy blue, for a subdued, effortless look that’s always on-point for your everyday style.

After a laidback look that’s comfortable and functional? Our unisex blue hoodies are made with super-soft fabric and handy pockets — perfect for chilled nights in or evenings out.

For a relaxed look that’s always in style, treat yourself to a unisex baby blue hoodie. Laidback and low-key, they’re versatile garms that are essential for that effortless everyday look.

Discover your new favourite blue hoodie in the Goose & Gander collection.