Green Hoodies

Be seen in green this season. Green hoodies are a style staple that adds a flash of colour to your everyday wear. A versatile colour that really pops with one of our iconic Goose & Gander logos.

The Goose & Gander range has the perfect green hoodie for you, from casual pullovers to cosy zip-ups. Pair with a cap or beanie, or double-up with a pair of matching tracksuit bottoms — our style is your style.
Unisex Duet-Ribbon Moss Green Hood
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Unisex Ballooning Ribbon Hood
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Spring Floral Logo Hood
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Unisex green hoodies to suit your style

Want to add some comfort to your wardrobe with a pop of colour?

Goose & Gander green hoodies are the perfect cosy wear for work or play, night or day.

If your everyday wear is all about athleisure, pair a Goose & Gander logo design hoodie with a slouchy pair of joggers and your favourite sneakers — essential casual style.

Or, for a more coordinated look, pair a cropped green hoodie with matching joggers and white trainers. Immaculate street style for the weekend.

All your favourite Goose & Gander designs on one of our beautiful green hoodies — what’s not to love?