7 Halloween Favourites on Netflix

7 Halloween Favourites on Netflix

Most of us will probably be spending our Halloween indoors this year, booooo! ☹️ But fear not, we've compiled a list of Netflix shows and films to binge watch this Halloween, including some new shows and some classic Horror films.

1. Haunting of Bly Manor - TV Mini Series

It tells a story of an American lady, hired to be an in-house nanny at a family country house called Bly Manor - which you guessed it, is haunted. If you loved Haunting of Hill House, you’ll love this. Less scary but still a good classic ghost story. Word on the street is that director Mike Flanagan is already filming his next feature ‘Midnight Mass’ starring Kate Siegel (Theodora from The Haunting of Hill House).

2. Hubie Halloween - Film

If you don’t like watching scary movies but still want to get in the spooky spirit, this is for you… Unless you don’t like Adam Sandler too. Then this isn’t for you. He plays the main guy Hubie, who spends every Halloween being the resident safety guy and annoying everyone because of it. But this year, people begin disappearing and Hubie has his suspicions so gets all detective to become an unlikely hero in this family fun comedy. It also stars some familiar faces from other Adam Sandler/Happy Madison films which you love to see. Classic Adam.

3. Ratched - TV Series

Not ‘Halloween Spooky’ but a good thriller if you do like dark themes. It’s about a troubled nurse who works at a psychiatric hospital in the 1940’s - a time when inhumane mental health treatments were practised. So queue dark storylines, gory surgery scenes and a whole lot of murder. It’s a quirky watch and not for the faint hearted.

4. Sinister - Film

Right, let’s get on to some classics. This film is claimed by Scientists to be the scariest film of all time (if you wanna know the science, read IGN’s article here). Whilst we’re not sure it’s the scariest, it definitely has one of the most interesting storylines to a horror film we’ve seen. It’s about a true crime writer who vows to solve the mystery of a families death after he discovers a film showing how they died. Like a fool he moves his family into the victims house where they died to really get a grip on the story. However, he begins to find clues and other footage that hint of a supernatural force and a fatal future.

5. The Conjuring - Film

Another classic and one of the scariest we’ve seen (and definitely more scary that The Sinister). Based in 1970, following the popular paranormal investigators ‘The Warrens’. They take on a case where a family of 7 move into a farmhouse where unexplained paranormal things happen and of course it turns out that the house was cursed by a witch. So here begins the stories of The Warren’s as they feature in many other films; The Nun and the scary doll franchise ‘Annabelle’. Oh yeah, did we mention that The Warrens are actually real life paranormal investigators and their films are based on real life events? Yikes!

6. Scream - TV Series

You’re probably familiar with the film franchise Scream, if you’re not then your idea of Scream is probably from Scary Movie - and this Scream adaptation is not like that one. It’s thrilling, jumpy and a little gory. There’s also proper Riverdale vibes in it, teen life and all that. It’s a good watch if you’re looking for a new cute series to watch that features loads of people getting murdered. 🙂

7. Prank Encounters - TV Series

If you've followed the list and watched every single one, you're probably sick of hiding behind your pillow and now looking for some light hearted relief. So we've found a hidden gem that was actually released last Halloween but it’s the first time we’re hearing of it. This hidden camera show (that the producers SWEAR is not staged) puts people in surreal supernatural situations and surrounds them by paid actors who are in on the prank (Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway Style). It’s a funny watch and the cute kid from Stranger Things (Gaten Matarazzo) hosts it!

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