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Designed & Decorated in the UK

Lydia Dobson

Posted on February 20 2020

The team @ Goose & Gander design & create everything in house. This makes the brand unique & different from other clothing companies.

In house production allows G&G to ensure that their designs & garms are consistently excellent & that there is zero waste.

A typical day in production @ G&G involves the team being split into separate categories to ensure a smooth & well-run process.

When the orders come in the first thing we do is pick the garms & put them in to boxes according to what design they have. These boxes then go downstairs and the team work their magic!

There are various design production processes - embroidery, domestic sewing, DTG printing & vinyl. Our team do all of these in-house.

On top of the design production, the team also do the labelling, tagging, steaming, folding & packaging!

As the garms go through these stages our team check for any faults. If garms are faulty, eg. there’s a small mark, they go on to our Depop at a discounted rate. The team ensure our customers are getting the best quality G&G!

Alongside our production team, we also have a creative team & a customer services team. They are in charge of the customer enquiries, social medias, the emails, blogs & designs. This also all happens in-house.

Here @ G&G we put every effort into ensuring our customers recieve good quality garms, feel comfortable & look great.

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