G&G Update

G&G Update

It’s been a really difficult decision for us but we will again have to temporarily close our online store.

Since re-opening on Saturday 25th April, we have been blown away by the amount of orders we have received.

The reason we have to temporarily close is because we are introducing our first 'back-end' system (stock control, production visibility & shipping automations). To implement this effectively, we need to make & send all existing orders and start fresh.

This will be the first time since 2013 we will know how much stock we have - as we've never had a system before!

It's common knowledge we struggle to keep up with making & sending orders out on time, especially at busy periods. This new system will allow us to streamline our production process and get orders out very fast!

We don't like disappointing our customers - but it's the only way we can go forward from here to make things MUCH better for the future.

Currently it's estimated items will be back in stock in mid-July, but we will take any opportunity to get there quicker.

Read this blog to find out a bit more about the changes we are putting in place...

Change and progression has always been a big part of the brand. As many of you know, we started in a small shop on a high street creating clothing for companies mainly. Now we're in two big units producing purely G&G!

The G&G team produces everything in-house. Our current production process is creating everything in bulk and goes as follows:

1. We print 600 orders off at a time.

2. We pick the orders and put them into separate tubs according to what design the order is.

3. We make the orders in bulk with our multi-head embroidery machines. We only had 2 team members who were trained on these machines even though about 80% of our orders are embroidery. All the print and ribbons would be made in bulk too.

4. Steam, fold, quality control in bulk.

5. Re pick the order - find it and match the garms with the order sheet.

6. Get it ready to be scanned and packaged.

7. Someone checks the order and packages it.

Receiving individual orders and grouping them together to make in bulk became in-efficient as the business grew.

 Problems with the current way:

1. No visibility with orders during the production process.

  2. No visibility of how much stock we have.

3. Making orders in bulk used up too much room in our HQ.

4. Lack of job diversity for our team.

5. Taking too long for orders to get sent.

 Out with the old, in with the new!!

We have now introduced a new production system and our team are currently learning all about it!

The new way:

Your order will be made from start to finish by one person, this is how it will work...

1. Once an order is placed, our system will match up and reserve the stock in our warehouse

2. We locate and pick orders one at a time.

3. We make your order at one of our workstations which consists of 2 single head embroidery machines, sewing & print machine, hooping, folding & packaging desk.

4. Embroider/Print/Sew the item.

5. Fold, steam, quality control.

6. Use the automated shipping system to produce the label and send :)

The G&G team are working super hard to get all trained up at their work stations and we will be back up and running as soon as we can! Thanks so much for your patience - here's to new beginnings!

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