Blue Fleeces

Love blue? These are the threads for you. Combining total comfort with lasting quality, the Goose & Gander blue fleece collection has the piece for you.

Super-soft, super-stylish, and with loads of different shades to choose from, you’ll find your new favourite fleece right here. Explore the blue fleece collection at Goose & Gander today.

The perfect combination of style and comfort

Every wardrobe needs at least one fleece, and the Goose & Gander blue fleece edit has it sorted.

The best thing about a fleece? The perfect combination of comfort and style.

Made with super-soft fabrics and with relaxed cuts, it’s the ideal garm for chilled nights in or days out.

All our blue fleeces are decorated with one of our custom-designed Goose & Gander logos, combining on-point style with durable quality for an aesthetic that always wins.

Check out our collection of blue fleeces at Goose & Gander today.