Red Hoodies

Fancy a little colour in your life? Get yourself a Goose & Gander red hoodie.

Big and bold, red goes great with yellow, blue, or green, adding a pop of primary colour to any outfit. Combined with a versatile garm that’s perfect for any occasion, a red hoodie is a style must-have. Discover the Goose & Gander red hoodie range here.

Unisex red hoodies for cool and comfort

When you throw red into the mix, you’ve got a chance to create an outfit that really pops.

A red hoodie paired up with green leggings is a bold look that’s perfect for summer styling. Or for that beach-ready vibe, pair with yellow shorts, shades, and flip-flops. Embrace the colour and get creative — mix and match with a colour swatch that works for you.

After something a little more understated? No problem — a zip-up red hoodie worn with black jeans and sneakers is a casual, dressed-down look with a little pop of colour.

Bring a little colour into your wardrobe with a Goose & Gander red hoodie.